• Hey FLVSers! Please be aware that VSA and our registration systems will be unavailable for instructors and administrators tonight from 9pm to 3am. However, students will still be able to access their courses during this time.
  • Do you ever struggle with writer's block? Check out these tips from one of our students on what NOT to do. ow.ly/KQvCT
  • You may think that some of our events are made up, but they’re not! We’d like to invite you to another officially-recognized day where we make up our own holiday. Join our Speech & Debate Club for all the fun at 6pm.
  • The March edition of The Pulse, our newsletter for parents and students, is now online!
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  • Grades aren’t the only thing that will earn you a place in the Student Spotlight. Meet Clerisca who wanted to see if she could handle an online class. “With FLVS I was able to prove to myself that I'm able to pass a class whether it's online or not. FLVS has also helped me succeed in classes that I wasn't able to take in school.” Nice work, Clerisca!
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